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Join us for these special events in Camp Hill and Harrisburg:

Friday, July 15th, August 21st
6:30 PM 
Restorative Yoga with Reiki with Karen Pelton 
Resident Reiki Master and RYT Karen Pelton  will lead us through supported relaxation postures providing the body and mind with a designated time for healing, rest, and integration. Restorative yoga is a perfect way to help your body rest and regenerate. It also allows your mind a rest from the stresses and anxieties of life. $15 special rate--no class passes or membership. Sign up here.

Sunday, July 24th and August 14th 2:30 PM 
Yoga Nap with Susan Bennett
This hour-long yoga class will start with gentle stretches and end with a guided meditation. Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, is restful, renewing, and inspiring. Treat yourself to a deluxe napping experience! $15 special class rate--no class passes and membership not included. Sign up here.

Power Aerial with Rose Freed 
Saturday, July 9, 16 and 23
Are you ready to take your Aerial Yoga practice to the next level?  This class is appropriate for those people with an established Aerial Yoga practice, who want to build strength and find new challenges in the hammock.  Drop-in students welcome in each session. Aerial yoga class rates and passesAdvanced registration required for each individual date. 
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Sunday, July 17th, August 7 &21, 1-2pm
Aerial Restorative Yoga with Erica Poles or Rose Freed 
Just as blissful as it sounds!  Hammocks are hung low to the ground, so you feel safe and supported while gently flowing through a series of relaxing poses designed to relieve tension from the body and the mind. Aerial yoga class rates and passes. Advanced registration required.  Sign up here.

Special Weekend Workshops 

Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28th 
Sequencing Classes with Carla Irvin
Like a great jazz musician, after you learn the music, you can start to improvise! We will break down the basic structure of a vinyasa class, learning easy transitions between poses, to create unique, flowing classes. Discover new ways to link warm-ups, standing series, and stretches so that each class you teach progresses logically and effectively. $300
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Saturday and Sunday, September 17-18th 
Energetic Anatomy with Rachel Wilson
Students will review the seven major Chakras, and demonstrate knowledge of the Sanskrit name, color and function of these energy systems. Students will also learn about the traits, elements, age of development, over stimulation imbalance and under stimulation imbalance for each chakra, essential oils and crystals/stones to balance each chakra and the chakra’s relationship to emotional and physical health and balance. In this Module you will learn to develop greater awareness of the condition of your own energetic system, and identify sickness and problems that arise from energy blockages. You will learn methods to bring each chakra back into balance.  Using an array of methods such as asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and nada (sound), you will acquire hands-on experience creating, teaching, and implementing a chakra balancing protocol for yourself or others.  Students will be introduced to meditations to assist with opening and balancing each chakra, as well as vinyasa, restorative and meditation practice for the chakra system as a whole. Students will also study the process of Kundalini awakening, the Nadis (Ida, Pingala and Sushumna), three granthis (knots) along the Sushumna channel. (Brahma, Rudra, Vishnu Granthis). $300
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Saturday and Sunday, October 22-23rd 
Yoga Therapy 2 with Rachel Wilson
Students will study various yoga therapy models and techniques, including:
  • Koshas
  • Chakras
  • Vayus
  • Doshas
  • Affirmations and Manifesting
  • Soma/Body awareness practices
  • Meditation for healing
  • Yoga Nidra
 We will also study the effects of yoga and meditation on the brain, body, and nervous system. We will study the biological effects of yoga and meditation on the brain, body, and nervous system.  We will examine yoga and meditations effect on stress related disorders, hypertension, insomnia, asthma, digestive disorders, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression. $300

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