Monday, June 1, 2015

Yoga teachers are often asked the question, "How many times each week should I practice?"

Yoga teachers are often asked the question, "How many times each week should I practice?"

Any practice will be a beneficial experience, but we encourage new students to develop a consistent practice by aiming for 2-4 classes per week.  

Yoga can feel foreign at first, but after a month of regular weekly classes, your body will be accustomed to the general postures and breathing techniques of a class and you will be comfortable moving in new ways.  Classes are especially valuable for the new student, as you will be taught proper alignment as you learn flowing sequences of poses. 

After you have taken a few classes, you may start to feel comfortable enough to practice at home!   Doing even 15 minutes of Sun Salutations or stretching on the days you cannot make it to class is an incredible compliment to your in-studio practice.  

In the first few months of your yoga journey, you will likely begin to see changes in strength, flexibility, weight or posture.  You may also become aware of more subtle positive changes in your ability to focus, manage stress or sleep peacefully.   These are great incentives to continue to practice, and for many, the yoga mat becomes a beneficial place to check in daily and examine and improve health and wellbeing at the deepest level. 

All of our classes at om my yoga are designed to offer you a well-rounded practice experience.  The majority of our classes are vinyasa yoga, or "flowing/breath based" yoga.  Aerial yoga utilizes the same breathing and flowing techniques from vinyasa, but adds partial or full support from silk hammocks throughout postures.  Yin is a deep stretching restorative practice that will greatly improve your range of motion, Barre-fusion is amazing to improve balance and Pilates focuses on the core, adding strength to every posture and movement.   

"Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn't going to get the job done." 
~ Jim Rohn 

Happy 4th birthday om my yoga!  We are grateful to everyone who has supported the studio so that we can continue to serve the community and bring yoga, holistic health and movement to Camp Hill and now Harrisburg! 
Love and light,
Rachel Wilson

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