Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Time to Relax

There is one thing that I hear from people more than any other:  "I need to relax".  Yes, you do.  Collectively, we all do.  As a society, we are always pushing ourselves to get more done, and to feel happy while we are doing it.  As the holiday season comes rushing towards us, we find ourselves cringing at the thought of two months that are supposed to bring us joy, but often involve too many commitments, more anxiety, and less time to truly relax.  While some can't wait to break out the decorations, others are feeling overwhelmed by endless to-do lists.  Did I buy the right gift?  Did I RSVP to her party?  Did I make enough cookies?  It can become overwhelming quickly.  
The time we spend on the yoga mat, Pilates reformer, or massage table can seem like a mini vacation--the much needed time that we take to process the day and to unplug from everything except for the beating of our hearts and full experience of our breath.  This can feel like time "away".  But when we break it down, it's actually the opposite of "away".  We are finally "here."  In just a moment and with a deep breath, we can go from fighting traffic and feeling hectic to being fully present and relaxed.  

Before we run to meet our holidays at a sprinter's pace, maybe we should stop and take a deep breath and think  about what we really want to receive and what we really want to give.  Could the most valuable way that we spend our assets of time and money be in the pursuit of relaxation with friends, family and occasionally, with ourselves? Can we find ways to release the stress from our holidays?  Ask yourself what you'd really like to give a friend this year.  An electronic device that will feel like another leash?  Or a moment together, sharing a bottle of wine--or better yet, sharing a yoga class?   And I won't even tell if you have that wine together after you roll up your mat. 

Love and Light,

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