Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! 

We are so excited to share some great events and specials to kick off 2014, and help you start your year feeling strong enough to take on any challenge. 

In yoga, special times of renewal are often celebrated with 108 Sun Salutations. The number 108 has much significance. (No, it is not just to torture your triceps!  Learn more when you come on the 1st!)  

Please join us on January 1st for our third annual 108 Sun Salutation group practice.  Start your new year with this cleansing, celebratory event, a strong intention, and a community that is here to help you grow and flourish in 2014.   

Don't worry-we will take several fresh juice breaks, and all levels are welcome!

Please take some time to look at ALL of our wonderful upcoming events in this newsletter - we have a packed schedule of classes, events, Om My Yoga Academy Teacher Training, trips, workshops and more - something for everyone to look forward to in 2014!      

Wishing you a wonderful start to a year full of inspiration, self-awareness, discovery and growth!
See you at om.


Rachel Wilson

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